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So, What is Culture Thirty-Nine?

Culture Thirty-Nine provides the market place with a different kind of management practice.

OUR MISSION is to fill the void in the career paths of our clients by helping surpass their goals both on and off the field.

What’s With the 39?

The 39 in our company name is derived from a foundation of family.

And like family, 39 is not common; 39 is not cookie cutter; 39 is not selfish...39 is original; 39 is unique.

39 represents everything new and different we bring

About: #FamilyFirst


We all know the lineage of the Hairston family in baseball - the only three-generation African-American family in baseball.

Culture Thirty-Nine is an extension of that family. As an organization we proudly carry the legacy the Hairston’s have demonstrated on and off the field.

About: #FamilyFirst

When you are with Culture Thirty-Nine, you are a part of our family; and family always comes first.

Your success comes before our own

About: #WhoYouWith


We are just a boutique firm. This is true. But our NETWORK is ginormous (which come to find out is a real word now).

We give our clients OPTIONS, and the ADVICE needed to make sense of them. We EXPOSE our clients to new markets and CAPITALIZE on long-term partnerships.

About: #WhoYouWith

We DO NOT consider any other firm to be competition. If you can help one of our clients be successful, lets make that happen.

That brings us to our first commitment to ALL of our clients - we will always surround you with the BEST options.

About: #BaseballRepresentation


We DESIGN a personalized pre-selection training regimen with our elite skills coaches, strength and conditioning trainers and nutritionists to position you to excel in your workouts.

About: #BaseballRepresentation


We use the right balance of QUALITATIVE and QUANTITATIVE scenarios based on market trends to secure our clients contracts they have deservedly earned.

About: #BaseballRepresentation


We have stayed well ahead of the CURVE in terms of data MINING to our clients' advantage. Our statisticians present analytics-based arguments on behalf of our clients.

About: #Endorsements


we have successfully NEGOTIATED and EXECUTED endorsement deals for a number of years.

We diversify our clients compensation with high growth brands

About: #SecretSauce


So What Makes Our MAGIC Formula?

It’s quite simple:

We WORK harder. We CARE more. We STAY humble. We LISTEN more.
(Expertise + Passion) × Our Commitment = The EIGHT-HUNDRED POUND GORILLA

Last, but not least — we LOVE this game.

Even as we continue to grow, Culture Thirty-Nine will always remain that boutique management firm specializing in quality over quantity.
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